No Drugs...No Side Effects...just long lasting pain relief at the flick of a switch

Dear Fellow Pain Sufferer,

order a wrap for BACK, KNEE, NECK or SHOULDER PAIN today!

You wouldn't think wallpapering was dangerous, would you?

Neither did I, until I helped a friend decorate his house.

I should have known it would end in tears when I saw the 'equipment' my mate Keith had set up... an old table and two book ends to hold the paper flat.

The table was far too low. After twenty minutes of bending and straightening it finally happened.....I felt a sudden pain.

Flashes of agony shot through my back and down my leg in a stream of fire.

A quick visit to the doctor's told me I'd trapped my sciatic nerve in my back. And as someone who's experienced severe pain, whether it's in your back, knee or shoulder, you know how crippling this can be.

Continual, nagging pain can ruin your life. Even low levels of pain slowly eat away at you, like the drip drip drip of a tap.

Your sleep suffers, your mood suffers. You can't enjoy pleasures like gardening, walking, driving and playing with your kids or grandkids. It can affect your work, your relationships, everything.

Of course, the first thing you get offered by your doctor is prescription strength painkillers. They tackle the symptoms, not the problem. They're a hassle to take. They're addictive. And they can cause all kinds of nasty side-effects.

So imagine instead if you could not only kill your pain...whenever you feel it flare up, wherever you happen to be...  but also heal pain at the source.

Introducing a wrap so comfortable & discreet.... you won't
believe it contains cutting edge MCT technology

My name is Ray Collins. I'm the author of natural health books, including The Lemon Book, and The Honey, Garlic and Vinegar Miracle, and reports like 32 Natural Ways to Relieve Your Pain. I spend my waking hours researching the latest natural health breakthroughs and remedies from around the world. When I find something that really works, I tell my readers about it in my newsletter, The Good Life Letter.

I'm a long term sufferer from sciatica. I also suffer  chronic upper spine and shoulder problems from spending too much time at a computer, and having too little exercise when I was a younger man. So I was hugely excited when I first came across The Pain Ease Wrap.

It was previously only available in a few countries in Europe, but not the UK. But  as I looked into this device, I was so impressed I decided that this needed to be introduced to this country, and fast.

Which is why I'm writing this today...

At last, here's something that not only uses the latest Micro Current Therapy (MCT)  technology to ease pain.... it helps your body heal the cause of your pain, right at the source. And because it's lightweight and invisible beneath clothing, you can wear it as long as you like, wherever you like.

Wear it on a long drive.... as you do the gardening or go to work... or even at social occasions. It won't matter, because this amazing wrap works silently and discreetly beneath your clothes... pulsing away your pain.

After using The Pain Ease Wrap while bending, standing, walking, lifting... you could find that these everyday actions eventually become PAIN FREE.

There are four specific types of wrap, each designed to target back, knee, shoulder and neck pain. You can use one, two or all four. It's up to you.

Of course, if you're sceptical about 'yet another pain breakthrough'
I totally understand...

Of all the health topics I cover in my books and newsletters, pain relief has to be about the biggest. There are a LOT of pain relief remedies out there. Hundreds, possibly thousands are being touted on the international market right now. It's almost overwhelming to know which one to choose.

And I wouldn't blame you if you were sick of hearing about the latest thing, only to try it out and discover it doesn't work for you.

This is why I've arranged a very special deal with the manufacturer of The Pain Ease Wrap.

You can order it, and put it to the test for 30 days. Wear it as often or as little as you like. There are no conditions attached. If it doesn't significantly ease your pain, or if for any reason you don't wish to continue using it, then send it back. You'll get a full refund on what you paid for it.


I urge you to grab this RISK-FREE opportunity to try something that offers a truly different approach to pain...

In my experience, the wide variety of commercially available painkillers pretty much fall into the following categories:

With TENS the pain will still be there - but your brain won't receive the signals. And in some cases, this can really work.

But the question you must ask is, do you just want another painkiller... or do you want to also tackle the root cause of your pain?

Why just block pain when you could help your body HEAL pain?

Your body produces its own electrical flow. It passes through your bloodstream to feed every organ and keep things ticking over. Just as electricity passes through your house to help keep it working.

In the same way, your body produces its own electrical supply to help power the hundreds of millions of repairs it needs to make... messages it needs to send... and functions it needs to perform.

But the electrical pulses from TENS machines are set at the WRONG strength. They are far, far higher than your body's natural electrical current. Yes, these might help jam the pain signals, but do nothing to actually help your body fight the source of the pain.

This is where The Pain Ease Wrap is so special....

The Pain Ease Wrap uses a technology called Micro Current Therapy (MCT).  At a flick of a switch, gentle electrical pulses start to mimic your body's natural electrical currents. Because MCT uses the same current as your body, there's no resistance. It's able to follow your existing electrical paths.

When you can choose a wrap for your back, knee, shoulder or neck, or as you'll see in a moment, you can order any combination of the four, depending on your needs.

Put it on, flick a switch, and the currents penetrate deep into the tissue. Immediately it gets to work, stabilizing the electric balance of the injured cells. This lowers the electric resistance of the painful region. And it helps your body's natural currents to start the healing process.

Rather than simply block pain signals, the wrap provides the essential electricity to damaged areas where the bodies natural current is too weak to penetrate the inflammation.

Now your body can actually repair itself naturally and stop pain right at the source

The bottom line is this: using MCT technology, The Pain Ease Wrap helps to HEAL the inflammation that causes your back pain. It doesn't just mask the pain, which is what so many other therapies focus on.

No drugs, no painful treatments, no side-effects. It's easy to use, and you won't feel a thing (other than your pain blissfully ebbing away).

While the technology is complex, The Pain Ease Wraps are surprisingly lightweight and invisible under clothing. In fact, they're so discreet and comfortable you might even forget you're wearing one. 

What the Daily Mail says about The Pain Ease Wrap

Not surprisingly, the mainstream press have even become interested in this therapy. According to The Daily Mail, in October 2007….

"Pain Ease Micro-Current Wraps – Micro-current therapy has been used to help many famous sports stars recover from injury, including Olympic champion hurdler Colin Jackson, tennis star Tim Henman and former England striker-turned-TV presenter Gary Lineker"

And according to Dr. Mark Atkinson, a medical physician specialising in natural pain management: "Micro-current therapy offers a safe, affordable, practical and non-invasive pain treatment system"

But most encouraging of all is the response I got from the readers of my newsletter who tried the The Pain Ease Wrap....

"My pain has totally disappeared!"

Just take a look at these...

"I tried many medications, but the constant pain hadn't disappeared. I got the Pain Ease Back Wrap from my wife. To my greatest surprise my pain has totally disappeared in two days"

"I got very severe back pain when I moved pieces of furniture in my house. My doctor recommended resting and prescribed medication. The medication reduced my pain a little, but it still hurt very much. I had to take a higher dose of medication than what the doctor prescribed to be able to bear the pain. A friend of mine gave me his Pain Ease Back Wrap to try it. I felt the positive effect of the wrap in one day. By the second day, my pain had almost totally gone. I could stop the medication. By now the whole story is over. I just need to be careful when I lift heavier objects!"

"..I found it to be a complete success. I didn't even have to use it that much, every night for the 1st week and then an hour every few days after that.  After 3 months I'm suffering from very little back pain and any back pain I do get (say after hours in the garden) clears up quickly."

"I used it a lot at first and it did ease my pain.  I haven't needed to use it so much lately.  I know it's there as a standby if the pain returns."
Stella Bernardi

"I have suffered from bad sciatica for nearly 12 months now and I have tried all sorts of treatments and spent a small fortune in trying to rid myself of what I can only describe as a sometimes unbearable pain. I have found the Pain Ease Wrap to be probably the best of the lot in easing the pain"
Paul Monsarrat

"[my husband] is full of praise for it. His back pain is always in the background but he has periods when the pain is quite severe and it is then he notices a real difference when he uses it."
Jean Weston

See for yourself – The Pain Ease Wrap comes
with a full money back trial

When I first came across The Pain Ease Wrap, and read about MCT Technology I knew this was exactly the kind of product our readers could benefit from.

But I wanted to make sure this came at a price that anyone could afford... and that anybody who wanted to try it could do so without risking a single penny. Because in my view, you should only ever have to pay for something if you have 100% PROOF that it works. And the only way to do that is to try it.

That's why I'd like to let you test this at home yourself, without pressure, for 30 days, so I can prove this new technology really works. This way you can feel the difference yourself.

I'm sure that if you suffer from back pain (or know someone who does), then this could be the most important treatment you try this year.

No, that's not quite right. This could be the most important treatment you try in your LIFE. Because at last there's a breakthrough treatment that doesn't just mask the pain... it kills off the source of the pain and kick-starts the healing process.